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Photo by Marco Trinidad from Pexels

I want to tell you what happened in Nalasopara West in my childhood. One of my acquaintances was a Muslim rickshaw puller. He was walking home one night. He saw a woman standing near the cemetery on the way. She touched the rickshaw, and the rickshaw puller stopped the rickshaw. The woman sat in the rickshaw and got down near the pond some distance away. The rickshaw puller asked the woman for money, and she said, what kind of money? So she disappeared.
The rickshaw puller went to his house and sat down to eat and started pouting; I need two kilos of mutton and two ladi pavs! He threw away all the food in front of us. His head hit the wall hard. His health was deteriorating day by day. Hakim, Maula, Mantri-Tantric all treated. But it didn’t make any difference. He was hospitalized with fatigue.
But even there, he did not get much relief and brought him back to his home. His health deteriorated, and his family decided to take him back to the hospital. But he put his life on his brother’s neck. After his funeral, his brother too, I want two kilos of mutton, I want to kill him! It started to rain. All the utensils in the house started colliding.
One day he died, and his younger sister must have been 13 to 14 years old. She, too, like her siblings, wanted two kilos of mutton and two ladi pavs. She tried to kill… The whole family was devastated.
Within a few days, the woman appeared in the cemetery. Some young congregations in the village plotted to capture her. The one who bravely went to the first cemetery came out with a bomb and went straight to his house and started destroying all the glass, TV, and other belongings in the house. He started throwing stones at the roof of his house and died a few months later.
If Watchman caught the woman walking around the schoolyard naked at night, she told him not to interfere with my work. I will not bother anyone in your school. But if you stop me, I will not leave you. He finally let her go. A few days later, she disappeared. Who’s to say she’s a cat? Read more

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