Discovery and enlightenment of the unknown for my curious readers

My curious readers, I am trying to communicate with you from a small corner of space through this platform. So that I can communicate with wise congregations like yours, for this, I am grateful to this platform.

Do we need spirituality in our home-life? This question naturally falls on everyone at a certain turn in life, while some are born to drown in this ocean of spirituality by their past deeds.

There are four types of seekers, meaning / real/curious / devotee, and they are all acceptable to the Lord.

Art is the one who starts crying out to the Lord only when a problem arises he is the one who only demands money from the Lord and bribes him (exchange), that is, he gives up his resolve, even though the inquisitive art/reality Is doing. The last seeker is a devotee who remembers the name of the Lord only by attaining His grace/love/affection/oneness and attains only salvation/salvation. A devotee who remembers the name of the Lord without any other desire is the darling of the Lord.

Who am I? Why am I born What is my karma? What can I do to make my life worth living? Everyone needs to know spirituality to know themselves, but not just as a necessity, but as a gift to the Lord, to merge with His footsteps.

Even though there are many beings in this creation, with the equation of intellect/thought/vision given to man, man can be able to attain God only through remembrance of the Name. It takes time/birth for everyone to review their life and start deciding whether they need spirituality in their life.

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Real Experience



At that time, my sadhana was in full swing? I could not see anything beyond the device. When the bank man came to collect the loan, he asked me when the money would be paid. So I would raise my hand and say, “whenever he wants.” Bank officials also used to have questions. I had gone to a similar bank to meet him at his suggestion, but there was no such thing as fear in my village.
After the bank work, I came to the platform to return by train. My whole body was hefty. I was walking in the opposite direction against my will. Like someone was controlling me. Out of some suspicion, I called my colleagues and asked them to stand at Nalasopara station.
I got on the train. So I couldn’t catch the pole at the door of the train. There was so much real harm going on. Finally, he grabbed the pole with both hands and sat on the wooden bench in the car. So I sat down and started moving. For a moment, I felt like I was sitting on a vibration machine. The vehicle was stationary in its place. I asked the person in front, is the car moving? He said, looking at me with some suspicion. No, I felt a little embarrassed.

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Further treatment of the disease is done primarily by the combination of Mercury and other plants. Home/Health

  • AIDS
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Psoriasis
  • Kidney disorders
  • Herpes
  • White code-stain
  • High cholesterol
  • Vitiligo
  • Decay
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Insomnia
  • Acidity
  • Headache
  • Obesity
  • Bladder infections
  • Kidney stones
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Uric acid
  • Eye disorders
  • Digestion
  • Hair problems
  • Inhibiting bacterial growth

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Home/Health=Turmeric is essential in Ayurveda. Everyone knows the place of turmeric in our daily meals. There are many types of turmeric. Turmeric for business, for Lakshmi, for study, for success. This proven turmeric is well used.

Turmeric is used to brighten the skin, to brighten the skin, and to treat many ailments, such as allergies, skin blemishes, itchy cancers. When it is cold, add hot milk turmeric. Turmeric is also used to stop phlegm and cough. Turmeric is useful in diabetes and jaundice and liver diseases. Consumption of turmeric in daily meals enhances immunity. It helps to heal wounds. If there is bleeding, the mark is yellow to stop it. Turmeric is bitter in taste, but good for health.
In botany, black turmeric, kukavi (red turmeric), yellow turmeric, purple turmeric, white turmeric are of great importance. Many priests use these objects for rituals.
Black Turmeric – This is a symbol of Bhadrakali and is used to increase the inflow of money and to protect against enemies.
Read Turmeric – This is a symbol of Lakshmi and is used to increase the income of money to keep the money stable.
White turmeric – is a symbol of mother Saraswati and is used for success.
Purple or blue turmeric – This turmeric is used for hypnosis, for strengthening relationships, for business, for speeding up your work. But if these plants are alerted to the constellation at a particular moment, their use becomes valuable


Home/Health = A person owned property in the middle of the original road in Mumbai. Kaula was a large thatched house. Marathi families were living in a joint family system. But every year, a regular person dies in his home, and mourning continues in the house. When the matter came to me, I took Nathan’s orders and went to meet the family at his residence.

There was a big tree on their door. It was as if he had seen it all; he was a witness to time. When I laid my hands on him and started chanting, the tree started moving. A strong gust of wind came, and they started crying. I could feel their tingling. He was in a lot of pain. The tree saw the history of that family. That moment was weighty. Everyone was surprised by me. Because in all those years, the tree never wept. Saying that I was fine, I removed my hand from the tree and went into the house with the family.

May 12, 2020
In a previous blog I told you that I had started the action, according to the author’s writing, I thought of doing Tratak Sadhana and started doing Tratak Sadhana with my eyes fixed on the sun. At first, it seemed impossible, but the redness of the eyes, the watery eyes, the swelling and the itching of the eyes began to show side effects, but I kept trying. For some reason, but confidence was built.

May 22, 2020
Today was the ninth day of the sadhana, as per the routine I came to visit Baba, as usual, I had to collect the contents of the sadhana.
As scheduled again today, when I went to my office for the tool, I felt that I was not alone, but someone was coming behind me, like my shadow.
After starting the instrument, my rosary got entangled, somehow I untied it with my eyes closed and one hand.

True Experience


Jun 15, 2020
I went to Boisar for an examination. At that time, Surve was introduced there. He was troubled by his domestic problems. Surve was regarded as the finest artisan of gold jewelry throughout Maharashtra. But for the last few years, they are unable to find work. Mr. Surve and his wife were summoned to Lata’s house during Navnath’s yagna, offered yajna, and obliged him. In a later visit, Mr. and Mrs. Surve’s mistakes were pointed out. Arranged for a day and went to his house for an audit. They had a beautiful bungalow in the middle. After going to his house to investigate, I came to know real things.

Home/Health = I want to tell you what happened in Nalasopara West in my childhood. One of my acquaintances was a Muslim rickshaw puller. He was walking home one night. He saw a woman standing near the cemetery on the way. She touched the rickshaw, and the rickshaw puller stopped the rickshaw. The woman sat in the rickshaw and got down near the pond some distance away. The rickshaw puller asked the woman for money, and she said, what kind of money? So she disappeared.

The rickshaw puller went to his house and sat down to eat and started pouting; I need two kilos of mutton and two ladi pavs! He threw away all the food in front of us. His head hit the wall hard. His health was deteriorating day by day. Hakim, Maula, Mantri-Tantric all treated. But it didn’t make any difference. He was hospitalized with fatigue.

But even there, he did not get much relief and brought him back to his home. His health deteriorated, and his family decided to take him back to the hospital. But he put his life on his brother’s neck. After his funeral, his brother too, I want two kilos of mutton, I want to kill him! It started to rain. All the utensils in the house started colliding.

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