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The first is for my spiritual love and my empirical goal is to share with you.

Hi, I am Dnyanendranath. Soham Bhagwati has been working in the spiritual magazine for the last 21 years. Japsadhana, Havan, Vastu Consulting, doing public service in many ways. Thousands of families who have benefited from my service to this day are safe and happy.

“Something I really appreciate about you is your aptitude for problem-solving proactively.”

Dr. Vijay Gandhi


“I think you did a great job when you ran the all-hands meeting. It showed that you are capable of getting people to work together and communicate effectively. I admire your communication skills.” – Adv. Shirodkar

“One of the things I admire about you is your ability to treat any problem easily.”

Manisha gupta, C.A.

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