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We need to talk About Spiritual Communions


About Gyanendra Nath

Hello! My spiritual name is Gyanendranath. I am the founder of spiritual communions, on this website, you will find spiritual-ayurvedic-intensive-self-development guides tips where I have cultivated knowledge for the curious like you and unlocked my innate talent.

About time

we need to talk about Gyanendra Nath

My curious readers, I am trying to communicate with you from a small corner of space through this platform. So that I can communicate with wise congregations like yours, for this, I am grateful to this platform.

Although you can’t see me in this space, I hope that my thoughts and experiences will reach you from this platform. I intend to find diamonds in a knowledgeable form like yours in many corners of the universe, to describe to them my spiritual journey, and to convey the little spiritual knowledge I have.

This platform was not started to make money in any form, but I have made this small effort with the understanding that we can only exchange knowledge. I long for your friendship, my love.

Nathpanthi verses about healing

Questions in human life never end, no matter what form they take, but not every question is answered.

From the time a person is born and dies, the Lord gives him an invaluable opportunity to know himself and that supreme power. But 99% of the people in this world, believing that money is the best, go after payment in this world and present their substitute image to the world.

10 things I love about you

No matter how beautiful-intelligent-rich-virtuous or proficient you are in many things; God is not interested in this because He is only hungry for devotion.

So what is devotion? Is there such a supreme power? Spiritual Awakening is the key to spirituality. I understand that the discovery and enlightenment of the unknown is spirituality. Spirituality is the best of all sciences. I am sincerely trying to awaken this spirituality at the level of my intellect.

If you find inconsistency or childishness in my thoughts, he should understand my weakness of intelligence and forgive me for your understanding. Once again, I am grateful for this platform.

If any curious reader would like to contact me, please do so in writing. Also, read my spiritual journey description on the next blog.


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