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⚉ From time immemorial, food has been traded in this country for all the necessities of life. The basic premise of the trade is to supply the goods where needed! In such a business, one should make a profit of two paise with a constant glance. This is the purpose of the trader. No one can guarantee that there will be a lot of benefits in agriculture. The trade, however, is sure to make a profit of two paise. Trade can then be of many kinds.

For example – trade of animals – trade of necessities of life – groceries – medicines – hardware – furniture, many other things, raw materials required for the factory, finished goods, etc. .. Machinery in the factory, square parts.Cereals Fruits Vegetables Sale Agricultural Fertilizers Tools Seeds etc. Sale of goods.

In this and many other types of business, the profit is fixed. Only its proportions can be minimal. It has to be said that losses are almost non-existent in trade. But sometimes traders with a turnover of lakhs of crores are seen on the streets in a hurry.

The shop is in a strategic location but not a customer.

Prosperous businesses gradually decline and close permanently.People wake up stunned and start looking for mistakes, but causation does not take place.Let us take an example to put aside the fact that the material aspects of the decline in trade are rational, and to think only of the causes beyond reason …

One person owns a grocery store. The shop is in a strategic location. He has a good relationship with reputed traders in society. Where to get excellent goods at wholesale price. Where to bring even in times of scarcity. He is well assembled. Abundant money banks, credit bureaus respect his word. The price is under the hands of the servants, Sushil is honest.

He is incredibly talented in selling goods to the Customer by trusting them and creating a sense of belonging to them. The person doing the business is a well-to-do non-addict, Sushil Dharma. And suddenly, the picture changes. Fraud from a servant, not a shopkeeper in the shop, not selling goods, gradually coming into debt. In banks and credit unions, the weight loss of the word, the mouths of the suppliers of the wounded products in trust, the situation arises.

Had the family been helped, they would have sunk the debt, leaving the honest servant—an accident in the vehicle carrying goods and negotiation of goods. When you have nothing left to do, the firm that is running the business in another place suddenly goes bankrupt, and finally, it is time to sell the shop, and the family is left open and begging. Then the man begins to think. But it is too late. The intellect is dull; there is no fault of one’s own, so why did this happen? The answer is your way. The causality of this and the treatment for it is only in the form of the gentle devotees


Your opponent sees your prosperity as detrimental to him. Since he can do nothing, he begins to carry out destructive experiments on his own or through others, holding hostility from within.Technical, destructive experiments, Aghori experiments, eye defects.


  • All the members of the family should serve Shri Kuldevi intact.
  • From the main door of the shop, on the full moon day of the new moon, on Saturday, seven times on the day of Om Shri Chaitanya Gorakshanathaya Namah, the mantra should be recited by removing the coconut lemon.
  • Gurucharitra and Navnath Pothi should be recited seven times in a row in the shop or at home. The rules of Paranna should be strictly followed.
  • If the photo of Shri Dutt Maharaj is facing east or not in the shop, it should be facing west, and worship should be done regularly.
  • The shop should be inspected from architecture, and necessary corrections should be made accordingly.
  • If you want success in every work, then there should be the abode of Shri Gorakshanath. Then the experiments of any black art will not work in the shop. Devotees should be sure of this.
  • At present, faith in God is declining and how to get maximum money. Its trade is booming. Counterfeit goods, taking advantage of the problem, creating artificial scarcity of essential commodities, and selling them at inflated prices, selling products at a quarter of a paisa and causing people’s self-pity and curses. Alternatively, pull the perfect angle. There is a time when divine magic can be cured. But the evil that has twisted the heart from within is not in the divine law.
  • Gentlemen, if you have hurt or deceived someone while doing business, then, first of all, introspection is necessary. We want to move forward from that. One or two generations of traders have been begging for their dirty deeds. This has to be experienced through meticulous study.

Positive Energy

When the roots of the plant are placed in your home and any place of business, the negative energy is destroyed, and the positive energy is generated, and the home-business prospers. If you have problems like the above article, you should take advantage of this by using positive energy—the roots of the plant.


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