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Mr. Padhye will stay in Dahisar; this brought their problems to me. He worked for a large company. Despite his retirement, the company hired him back for a year with his work skills. They have one son named Navai, Sawai. The boy was a software engineer but did not work. Padhye was very disturbed due to illness, quarrels, and unrest in the house. Get me out of this mess anyway! Thus was his plea.
I took orders from Natha and told him about the solution to the problem, and he was ready to do it. I went with my colleagues to perform Havan at their house. As soon as the Havan was completed, Padhyani showed me the items given to him by his Guru. Seeing that, I told them to do that immersion because those things were Aghori. Read more

Special Sambrani Packages from the House of Cycle Brand This Pack Contains 3 Special Packs of Sambrani Burning Time: Jumbo Pack ( 40 Min ), Navin ( 20 Min ), Naivedya ( 20 Min ) Fragrances: Resin, Benzoin 12 Naivedya Cups + 4 Big Jumbo Cups + 12 Navin Cups Total 28 Cups

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