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In 2003, Borivali’s Amit’s friend Sandesh, who lived in Poona, came in contact. Hello, I am Sandesh Kulkarni from Pune. The owner of the place where I live has given me notice to vacate the house in just three days. The owner quarreled with his siblings, and a quarrel started over me staying with him. My parents and I have such a world. Please guide me, suggest some remedies to overcome this crisis.

I took all their information and told them some proven remedies as per Nathan’s order and told them that you have to do havan because it is a severe patriarchal defect. As I said, the message did just that. But Pitridosh was not sacrificed. And his house owner gave him three months. The letter thanked me for this. Therefore, within this day, you should offer them Pitradosh Nirman. It was clearly stated. Read More

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