True Experience, Epi-12

A person owned property in the middle of the original road in Mumbai. Kaula was a large thatched house. Marathi families were living in a joint family system. But every year, a regular person dies in his home, and mourning continues in the house. When the matter came to me, I took Nathan’s orders and went to meet the family at his residence.

There was a big tree on their door. It was as if he had seen it all; he was a witness to time. When I laid my hands on him and started chanting, the tree started moving. A strong gust of wind came, and they started crying. I could feel their tingling. He was in a lot of pain. The tree saw the history of that family. That moment was weighty. Everyone was surprised by me. Because in all those years, the tree never wept. Saying that I was fine, I removed my hand from the tree and went into the house with the family. Read more

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