True Experience


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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Rupesh had taken a loan from a Pathan, and he was forcefully demanding from Rupesh for the same. Finally, on not getting the money, Pathan started showing his position. The outrage is that now it has come down to Rupesh’s younger sister. He started talking about her. One evening Rupesh came to me. He started crying as he spoke. Pathan is talking dirty things about my mother and sisters. They have given me tomorrow’s deadline. If you do not pay tomorrow, I will sell it to your sister. I said, should I treat him with love? Rupesh said on that! I called Pathan, and I will tell him something about Rupesh’s condition. On hearing Rupesh’s name, he got excited and started insulting, abusing mother and sisters. Read more

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